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Atlantic Dream

pet friendly Accomodation

“Are my pets welcome and will they be safe?”

These are questions pet owners ask when considering a destination and accommodation for a holiday or weekend getaway when they want to take pets along.

At Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa, the answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes, Atlantic Dream in Scarborough is the ideal accommodation option for guests with dogs and cats.”

The owners of Atlantic Dream have had dogs and cats all their lives and as such, love having well behaved pets at the property. With a large enclosed and fenced garden, dogs have a place to sniff and play and the pool has a safety net if required to keep pets safe.  The management team are also used to having dogs on the property so all pets will be treated well while at the house.


We ask that you request permission to bring them along and that dogs do not jump on the beds or furniture! 

Dog walks and rambles are popular drawcards and with very little traffic, Scarborough’s sandy roads are ideal for a short walk around the village.

Scarborough’s beaches hold a magical spell for dogs.  Dogs are welcome to explore the beach and waves while owners are encouraged to clean up after their animals with unique recyclable “poop scoops” supplied for the task. A large swathe of white powdery sand invites dogs to run while rock pools intrigue with sea life in abundance. The waves beckon to swim and splash while a small lagoon and river are wonderful for wading and meeting other canine friends.

Dogs are welcome at many restaurants and pubs in the area.  


With regards to safety, Atlantic Dream is fully fenced, the pool has a safety net if required, there are lockable gates at the top of stairways and the upstairs deck sports railings with safety nets.

In short, Atlantic Dream is the ideal location for pet friendly holidays, weekend breaks or midweek getaways at any time of the year. 

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