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Family Accomodation


“Are my children welcome, will they be safe and can the accommodation fit us all?”

These are questions all parents ask when considering a destination and accommodation for a family holiday or weekend getaway or family gathering.

At Ouma’s Villa, the answer to all these questions is a resounding “Yes!” Ouma’s Villa is the ideal accommodation option for families and large family gatherings.

The management and owners of Ouma’s Villa all have children and as such, love having children at the property.

something for everyone

The house is geared towards children and family fun in natural surroundings with a large garden to explore, a fish pond with fish to feed, art supplies to bring out the creative side on a rainy day, board games, musical instruments and a library of children’s books.

There is a fully equipped playpark a few minutes from the house.

Nearby are beaches, mountain walks, mountain bike trails, 4 x 4 drives, hot water springs (near Barrydale) the Duiwenhoks River, an immaculate public swimming pool and a myriad of other attractions to make family holidays and entertaining children a pleasure

There are several child and family friendly restaurants in the area with special menus designed with kids in mind.


With regards to safety, Ouma’s Villa is fully fenced, and the fish pond has a safety net if required.  

In the wider area, the streets of Heidelberg patrolled by SAPS (South African Police Service) while neighbours are mindful of theirs and other children in the area.

ideal as a gathering place

Ouma’s Villa is ideal as a gathering place for large or extended families.  The house regularly hosts family gatherings for parents, their siblings, children and grandparents.

In short, Ouma’s Villa is the ideal location for child friendly, family and large family gatherings for holidays, weekend breaks, short lets or midweek getaways at any time of the year.  

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